Do you know what’s the relation between hair and anorexia nervosa?


    Do you know what’s the relation between hair and anorexia nervosa?

    Good Hair. Good Mood

    Well! This is what everyone feels and you are not alone in any way. Despite this, there are many people out there who think hair and mental health are not linked to each other. Different health conditions are there which are likely to shoot up the issue of hair thinning or make your hair look dull. There are high chances that the problem reaches a condition where self-esteem breaks down into pieces and nothing seems easy for you. So, what’s the option which can provide you good luck?

    It’s not about the option as it is getting the treatment of hair transplant from the experienced hair surgeon in Punjab. Don’t keep thinking alone, ‘What can be done to reverse the effect?’ ‘Do I need to live with this condition my entire life?’ Just take a pause & schedule your consultation to get yourself a customized hair transplant treatment plan from Dr. Vikas Gupta. This is the point where you will get detailed information about the Hair Transplant Costas the doctor has evaluated how many hair grafts are required for your hair transplantation treatment.

    Anorexia Nervosa and hair loss

    Talking about the mental health disorder ‘Anorexia Nervosa’ is the condition when you stop yourself from having food. Individuals are likely to suffer from the condition of weight loss which makes them look malnourished. The problem is that diet is highly restricted due to which the body won’t get the desired amount of nutrients which includes hair & fingernails.

    How does anorexia nervosa impacts hair health?

    Patients diagnosed with this condition will suffer the problem of receding hairline, hair thinning, and excess hair loss. As the body won’t get enough vitamins which is a huge trouble for hair health. Whether you talk about the hair scalp or eyelashes, there will be problems with everything. This mental health problem can even make a hormone imbalance.

    Bring back your self-esteem 

    Let me share one patient happy review who was dealing with the same condition & decided to undergo the hair transplant under the expertise of Dr. Vikas Gupta in Punjab. 

    Snehal Chopra

    Around 2 years back I suffered a huge loss in my business which later started to show an effect on my mental health. This problem made my diet restricted to a great extent. I started feeling changes in my body and I did not have the zeal to do anything. I did not bother about much until I started noticing a receding hairline. Then through my friend’s suggestion, I decided to consult DR. Vikas Gupta which helped me to undergo the hair transplant with the most inventive treatment options in Punjab.

    Recovery is possible you just need to take prompt action

    If your hair health is getting affected in any way that you have started noticing excess hair loss, then better get help at the earliest. A hair transplant can save your hair locks in many ways then you would not have thought about.