Difference Between Receding Hairline And Maturing Hair Line


Difference Between Receding Hairline And Maturing Hair Line

At some point in our lives, we all are going to experience the problem of hair loss. Most of our patient ask us how receding hairline and maturing hairline are different from each other. We have mentioned what is the difference between them so that you get to know what problem you are facing.

Mature hairline

In most cases, the men are not aware that frontal hairline change in thickness in their late twenties and teens. The process of maturation is known as receding hairline. It becomes more noticeable when the space between the forehead and hairline gets wider. The process of maturation will be different according to age. In some cases, the people will complete the entire process within 5 years and some take a lot of time to notice the change. Moreover, some men don’t even go through this change phase. The first thing which you will notice is it will move back evenly. With this, a hairline is created which is very distinct and it gives more rounded edges.  

You should keep in mind that the hairline comes in different shapes which depend on the facial structure. The regular hairline has a smooth and symmetrical pattern. On the other hand, irregular hairline will be asymmetrical, sloped, and jagged. You will notice M like shape which is characterized by a tip in the center of the forehead.

Receding hairline (Male Pattern Baldness)

The problem of receding hairline is related to a genetic condition which is controlled by the male hormones. The point from which the hair emerges gets shrink which eventually results in thinning of hair. The starting point of the hair is known as a hair follicle. It might also happen that, the follicle may grow new strand at some point in time. Due to this, it will result in the farther back hairline.

The airline will move back to the crown area and with time, it will move to the temple as well as it forms a horseshoe shape. This problem basically occurs because of the sensitivity of the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

What I can do about this situation?

You should visit the doctor and find what is the exact cause of the problem. This way they will also tell you which hair loss treatment will suit you best. One of the most effective ways to restore the hairline or hair growth is by getting a hair transplant. The results of the surgery are permanent and it also matches the hairline. But is essential that you start the treatment as soon as possible.