Defected Immune Cells Play A Huge Role In Hair Loss


Defected Immune Cells Play A Huge Role In Hair Loss

Many investigations which are carried out with mice, scientists have found out that regulatory t cells, which are like immune cells help in controlling puffiness, stimulate stem cells in the skin for encouraging hair growth.

In case there are no T cells, the stem cells cannot revive hair follicles. The hair follicles we possess are constantly recovering. When a hair falls, the entire hair follicle grows back.

This is said to be a whole stem cell addition process, but t cells are essential in this. If you ignore them, then it is quite possible for hair not to grow.

One of the researchers of dermatology and who is also an immunologist found out about a common autoimmune disorder which leads to hair loss, and which also be a factor in other forms of hair loss, like male pattern hair loss.

Experimenting with animals does not produce similar outcomes in humans, the study suggested that for better understanding t cells part in hair growth could lead to enhanced treatments for hair loss in many people.

Besides this, the study also reveals an increasing sense which only immune cells play a big role than it is thought to play. The follicle stem cells are touched in regrowth of damaged skin and many researchers plan to study if T cells in skin have a role or not to play in repairing any kind of wound.

The immune cells are thought to becoming as tissue for infection fighting, while the stem cells are there to regrow the tissue after being damaged. Both Stem cells and immune cells have to work together for making regeneration, easy.

Hair Loss Treatments

Besides all the findings and researches going on, one thing which has been in vogue for some time is the hair loss treatment. Many medicines are able to curb hair loss, let us have a quick peek at the most important ones.

Finasteride – is the most commonly used medicine for hair loss.

Minoxidil – This helps in increasing the blood flow near dwindling hair follicles, which cause them to boost up the speed of growth and also become, ore thick. This can be easily got from any medical store, and both men and women can use it easily.