Dealing With Hair Loss In Males, Should We Accept It Or Act?


Dealing With Hair Loss In Males, Should We Accept It Or Act?

A number of males today suffer from hair loss caused by a number of factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, medications, illnesses among others. There is no place to hide, especially in the current era characterized by pollution, stress, illnesses among others.

How to Deal with hair loss

It is quite common that men and women battling with hair loss are extremely depressed, which can increase the rate of hair loss. Accepting the current situation and devising a way forward is an excellent foundation for combating hair loss. Here is what to do next;

Know the cause

Studies show that identifying the cause of hair loss and acting on that cause can help control hair loss in men and perhaps baldness. Talk to a hair expert for a checkup that can identify the cause.

Early action

As soon as you realize your strands shedding off more than in the past, try to obtain medications like Finasteride or Minoxidil to control and reduce hair loss.

Lifestyle changes

Much as your hair loss may occur due to a variety of causes, you there is a lot you can do to stop or control your hair loss. Dietary changes, proper sleep, rejecting stress, among others, are some of the alterations you can implement in your life.

In case of Extreme hair loss

Several approaches to eliminate bald patches today restore human hair permanently. The generalized approach is known as hair transplantation where the hair follicles are extracted from one region of the scalp and implanted in the other where baldness is significant.

Attaining a hair transplant in India will require various considerations and tests to eliminate hair loss completely. This includes a consultation where an expert examines your scalp.

Depending on your level of hair loss, the surgeon will identify the possible donor location and in most cases, it is the back of the scalp where hair follicles are extracted from.

Individuals with limited hair follicles for transplantation can utilize body hair in case available. Usually, body hair is used to increase the hair density and also attain a fuller head.

The hair transplantation procedure is an office surgery performed under general anesthesia. Alternative like BIO-FUE that require a special serum to be injected into the recipient region can help you attain a fuller head.

You can consult our hair transplant experts to help you get a realistic hair transplant that will provide the desired results.