Case study of the patients undergoing the FUE hair transplant treatment


    Case study of the patients undergoing the FUE hair transplant treatment

    FUE hair transplant is one of the revolutionized and modern treatment methods for addressing hair loss and baldness. Initially, the treatment was developed in the 1990s and till now the treatment has changed a lot. The treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab under the supervision of Dr. Vikas Gupta has helped many patients to get the best and effective results. Our doctor prefers to give FUE treatment because the method has improved a lot with time and it has minimal scarring. Moreover, he suggests the treatment plan by checking your condition and noting down how many hair grafts are required to precisely cover the bald spots/patches or thin part of the scalp. Accordingly, the doctor will tell you about the Hair Transplant Cost by calculating the total number of grafts required in a session.

    Patient selection for hair transplant

    Without a doubt, the patient selection for the hair transplant treatment is important. Our doctor does not provide the treatment to the patients who are under the age of 25 because at that time the hair loss pattern is not completely made and there are higher chances that hair loss will progress in the future.

    Case Study of FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

    FUE Case Study 1

    One of our patients had 3 FUE treatment sessions in the last 4 years. In every session, the doctor transplanted 1200 hair grafts. During the treatment, the hair grafts were taken from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to the problematic area. The patient first noticed the hair loss issue while he was in his 20s.

    The doctor suggested him undergo the FUE treatment as it resulted in limited scarring from the sides and back of the scalp. No doubt, he would have taken Propecia but it would have resulted in side effects like reduced libido. As per the doctor’s suggestion, he chose the treatment of FUE.

    FUE Case Study 2

    One of our patients consulted our doctor at the age of 40. He suggested that he get at least 2000 hair grafts. The patient started noticing hair loss at the age of 18. The patient was referred to undergo 2 treatment sessions of FUE hair transplant. The first was hair transplant treatment done when he was 40 and the second was done at the age of 50.

    What type of aftercare is suggested after the hair transplant treatment?

    • The patient will require at least 5 to 7 days to recover from the hair transplant treatment. Initially, it would be best for the patient to wear the buttoned-up shirts so that he can easily remove them and this way hair grafts will not get affected.
    • In addition, it is normal to experience hair loss after the treatment which is part of the treatment plan.
    • After the treatment make sure that you are taking all the necessary medications on time so that it does not affect your health and recovery goes smoothly.

    In case you have any concerns then make sure to consult with the doctor right away. Our doctor will be there to give you detailed information about the treatment plan.