Case Study of one of our patients who underwent hair transplant surgery.


Case Study of one of our patients who underwent hair transplant surgery.

Generally, we say hair fall is a natural process and a common problem. But, it is not so easy to get rid of hair fall condition without proper treatment. In case, you are unable to treat your condition, it leads you to worries and low self-confidence. 

In this article, we are going to tell you about the personal experience of one of our patients, who underwent a hair transplant in Punjab at our center. Also, he reveals to us about his happiness as well as satisfaction with the results of hair transplantation.

Let’s have a look at his review of our service.

Here, I want to share my review about the successful hair transplantation by Specialists of Profile hair & care center. I took hair transplant surgery last year from this center, at that time I was in my 50s, and suffering from excessive hair fall. Whenever I stood in front of the mirror, a lot of questions arose in my mind about my hair as well as look.

As hair contributes to our look, but if we start experiencing hair fall, it impacts our confidence and personality. Due to which, I tried several hair loss treatments, but was unable to get the optimal results. Then I talked to one of my friends about my problem, he suggested that I go to Profile hair & care center.

Prior to visiting, I decided to go through their work and previous patient reviews. After checking their webpage, I came to know how popular they are among people with hair loss. Then I made an appointment with them to discuss my hair loss problem.

About consultation

I was informed on the day of the consultation about the two forms of hair transplantation procedures, very widespread here in Punjab; the FUE and the FUT process.

The doctor discussed medical history with me and told me everything about the procedure and the effects of post-transplantation. It sounded perfect so I wanted to go in for the test. He first examined my hair thinning pattern extensively at the front-temporal corners as well as in the crown areas. Except for the donor area at the back of the scalp, there was immense thinning. Then he said, yes you are the right candidate to get hair transplant surgery. A few acquaintances recently proposed that I wear wigs but I wasn’t all right about the fake hair and unnatural appearance. So, I was excited to get my normal look back on the whole thing.

The hair transplantation process was entirely painless because my doctor gave me anesthesia. I rested peacefully while the surgeon and his staff tried to repair my hair fall condition. The whole procedure lasted about 6-7 hours.

With years of experience, the skill level of the surgeon is pretty high and they serve well with his entirely dedicated team. They go completely by the options and conveniences of the individual, such as deciding to use medicine to enhance different aspects such as hair structure enhancement, quality, and more. They generate years of success stories, and they shine among the best.