Can Men Also Choose Laser Hair Removal Method?


Can Men Also Choose Laser Hair Removal Method?

Generally, it is considered that women desire for having clear hair-free skin so the hair removal methods are meant only for women. But the advanced laser hair removal method is not sole propriety of women as men can also choose this procedure to get the hair-free skin as hair removal is not only matter of having skin free from hair but it also matters of hygiene.

Thus for the desire of looking good and for the sense of hygiene men also choose to remove their hair with laser hair removal method. These days’ men choose this procedure for having hair-free body area of chest and back but sometimes they choose this method to shape up their eyebrows.

There are many options for men also to remove their hair and each method of hair removal has its own pros and cons but men choose the method of hair removal according to their preference. Here are the most common methods of hair removal for men.

Hair removal creams for men

These days many hair removal creams are available which can be used for removing the hair from any area of the body. These hair removal creams work equally for men and women. These are easiest and most convenient way to remove hair for both men and women as these are just applied on the targeted area as per the instructions are given on the pack then after some time of application just wash out the area and you could get the clean hair-free skin on that particular area. Thus removing hair with these creams can be a process of a few minutes.

Sometimes creams could have some side effects like these can lead to redness, skin reaction, itching and rashes after their usage so it is very important to use them as per the instructions are given on the pack and even you must take patch test so that you could know about any allergic reaction of any chemical for your skin. The results of these creams are not long lasting as after one or two weeks you could see the visible growth of hair on your body. You must choose the cream to remove hair of any popular brand so that you could prevent any permanent damage to skin or any other skin allergy, even branded hair removal creams also claim for safer and longer time results.

Can men also choose laser hair removal method?

Waxing method

Waxing is the most popular but old method of hair removal and is being used by the females for many years. These days’ men are also choosing this method for hygienic purposes or to look good. Initially, there were popular only the sticky hot wax solutions that lead to hair-free skin but with incredible pain and even skin rashes all over but these days soy-based waxes are available in the markets which are easy on the skin. These waxes are like lotions and you need to just apply them on the skin and cover them with cloth and when the lotion dries out you could pull the cloth in the same way as was for the hot wax solution.

It can be a time-consuming process depending on the area from which you want to remove hair and even the extent of hair could also affect the time taken for the process. The results after waxing are pretty good as you could have hair free and softer un-tanned skin after waxing but the results lasts only for 4-5 weeks .this method of hair removal can be used mainly to remove hair from chest, back, legs or arms and after 4-5 weeks of waxing person could have visible growth of hair depending on the rate of hair growth.

Shavers for men

Razors are also an old way to get hair free skin and are being used by most of the men as these are a pain-free and convenient way of removing hair from any area of the body including legs, face, arms, back, and chest. Even in the market back shavers are also available these are designed for shaving the back only. These shavers shave wide blades along with the longer handle sits on the hinge so that the handle could move so it allows you to shave your back or shoulders with convenience. These razors could also give the temporary results that last only for a few days. However, these are a pain-free method of removing hair but there is always the risk of cuts so must be used carefully.

Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal method is the modern method of hair removal and is ideal for both men and women as it is the permanent and painless procedure to get the hair-free skin. During the procedure laser light of specific wavelength has been used for penetrating the shaft of hair so that root of the hair can be killed but the hair follicles do not die and hair can even grow after some time.

It is the safe and long lasting method of hair removal and can be used to remove hair from any area and is best for both the genders. But it must be taken from only the professionals only the specialist could give you the safe and best treatment that could give you the most feasible outcomes.

Electrolysis for men

It is also a popular method being preferred by most of the men for hair removal. Electrolysis is the permanent method to get rid of the hairy look of skin. In this procedure, the super slim needle is entered in each shaft of the hair with controlled electricity so that the cells that could form the hair follicles can get destroyed and a person could have hair-free look. As in this procedure hair cells get destroyed so there are no chances of hair growth after the procedure. It is a bit time consuming but ideal way to get a hair-free look. It is a painless procedure and performed under the local anesthesia.