Breast Reduction Surgery & It’s Cookies: Facts You Must Know!


Breast Reduction Surgery & It’s Cookies: Facts You Must Know!

We live in a modern world and don’t twist your neck when your neighbour tells you about her breast reduction surgery. The #Kim Kardashian butt, #Winslet chin, #Kylie Jenner’s lips, and so on is the trend today. Among the notable cosmetic/plastic surgeries, we recurrently hear about is the favourite one- “Breast Reduction”. From runway models, celebrities to common women, breast reduction surgery comes next after liposuction.

The procedure involves eliminating fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts through an incision made around the nipple. In case you previously underwent breast reduction or planning to, here are some of the facts you must know;

#1- Everyone Has Got Her Story Before Breast Reduction

There are a number of reasons as to why women choose to undergo a breast reduction. Among them are a series of pain and heaviness that generally have a negative impact on their daily routine. According to Amber Rose, a Hollywood celebrity, she always felt a heavy backpack on her chest before undergoing a breast reduction. Similar facts are revealed by women who lastly choose to undergo the surgery.

In the real sense, the procedure solves both cosmetic and medical problems. In case you fall into any, meet a good cosmetic surgeon in India.

#2- Fear is Involved

Fear suddenly strikes once you make up your mind to undergo a breast reduction surgery. For some patients, the aftermath is a major concern, “Will I remain sexy”, “How Will I Look”, “What about the complications”?. In the real sense, the human nature is like that, but the only thing to do is to find an experienced surgeon.

Experienced cosmetic surgeons are both diligent and compassionate. To wrap it up, they certainly know what your worries are and your desires.

#3- You May Not Have to Count on Insurance

You may have to pay for your breast reduction surgery as insurance won’t cover it. In most cases, breast reduction surgeries are perceived to be cosmetic sided rather than medically performed. This is the reason as to why your insurance may not cover it. With that, you may have to save for the surgery before that period when you will need it so badly.

#4- Your new breasts will Require Time To Finally Settle

Ask those who underwent a breast reduction before, you will hear similar stories. Right after the surgery, it will appear like you are carrying a sack, later on, the breasts will sag, and at last settle, #the healing process. All in all, the final results of a breast reduction surgery are beautiful and incredible.

#5- Men & Breast Reduction!

It’s not entirely a women’s thing!. Men who undergo breast reduction are believed to have a condition known as Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is characterized by the enlargement of the glandular tissue, which is removed during the surgery.

#6- Not a Walkover, but a Minimally Invasive Procedure

Thanks to the new tech! Breast reduction procedures are trendy like liposuction and the system isn’t about to change. The latest breast reduction approaches are minimally invasive and the risk of complications is generally low.

According to a study, only 1 woman in 5 suffers from complications and these complications can be treated within a month. Otherwise, scarring, redness and other side effects can be directly handled by the surgeon and the patient.