Botox Popularity in Men and Women


Botox Popularity in Men and Women

Botox has become a very common cosmetic procedure. Well, this procedure is not just for women but men are also taking advantage of this method. But what is the reason behind this? In this topic, we are going to tell why this procedure is very popular in men and women.

The aging effect is shown in men and women along with that the biological changes occur as the person gets older how the look is affected and how they feel.

Signs of age start showing when the natural production of collagen slows down in the body and it is essential for healthy skin. Hormonal imbalance in the body also results in changes in the skin which can make you age faster.

Luckily, the botox treatment is the best option which helps the person to look young. You need to make sure to choose the best plastic surgeon as they help you reach the cosmetic goals in the best way.

Aging effect on the skin

When enough amount of collagen is not produced when you were younger, it will make the skin lose its natural volume and vibrancy. Collagen is an essential part to promote healthy skin. If it is not there then the skin will get loose and wrinkled.

For both men and women, the hormonal changes will impact the skin which makes it thin and dry. Even if you are following a good skincare regime, it is difficult to reduce the aging impact.

With time, marks can leave around the forehead and eyes. With time, the muscle movement will be affected which results in furrows and deep-seated wrinkles like frown lines, crow’s feet, and smile lines.

How Botox helps aging skin?

Botox injections are made of purified botulinum toxin which helps in interfering with the muscle nerve signals. The treatment is very effective in addressing the wrinkles and deep lines that are around the forehead and eyes.

The treatment works by paralyzing the muscles temporarily which results in crow’s feet, forehead, and brow furrows. The paralyzing effect makes the muscles relax for several months which helps the skin to get smooth and wrinkles will disappear.

What is the reason behind botox popularity?

  • This treatment is effective for adults who want to minimize wrinkles & lines and rejuvenate the facial features. Whether it is men or women both are conscious about their looks and many opt for a nonsurgical option to deal with cosmetic flaws.
  • Due to the increasing popularity of the treatment in men, it has led to the new term ‘Brotox’ who wants to enjoy the anti-aging benefits with this option.

Consult the doctor!

The surgeon will make a customized treatment plan for you by addressing the specific issues you are experiencing. If you are looking to get the treatment then you should schedule the appointment with the surgeon.