Reasons Behind Dry Hair and Hair Loss


Reasons Behind Dry Hair and Hair Loss

In the current era, you will find yourself eliminated from your peers just because you ain’t matching their standards. Of, course, this is all about rocking the best outfit for the occasion, having modern hairstyles, using the best perfumes among others. However, there are certain occurrences that may render you to get a bad day just because of your busy schedules and so on.

Dry hair and hair loss are some of the commonest hair issues that affect both males and females and they may be pioneered by;

Hormonal Changes

As humans, we normally experience hormonal imbalances due to toxins in the body, age, menopause, puberty, or underlying medical conditions. Before embarking on hormonal therapy, it’s best to talk to a hair specialist about your hair conditions.


Stress may at times be considered as part of life, but it all comes to how you deal with it. Work stress, responsibilities, relationships among others cause various degrees of stress that can affect your hair to cause hair loss and dryness.

Poor hair care regime/styling

Currently, improper care, harsh treatments, and styling methods have left multitudes victims of hair loss something that may require a future hair transplant in India to eliminate hair thinning or baldness.

According to hair experts, it’s best to have your hair evaluated before utilizing certain hair products and ensure that you take enough breaks from the heat that is exposed to the hair.

Medical conditions

Hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid gland fails to produce the required amount of thyroid is one of the major causes of hair loss and hair dryness. In addition, skin conditions, cancer treatments, and tumors may cause hair loss and dryness.