Careful Grafting of the Hair Follicles The boom for the patient


Careful Grafting of the Hair Follicles The boom for the patient

If there is one wrong step in the hair transplant, this will lead to the bad results. Bad hair transplant is not the problem but the main consideration is the availability of the donor’s hairs. In the most cases, donor area is the back of the patient head. The hairs that grow on the back of the patient’s head is the suitable hairs for the donor area. Once the hairs are transplanted from the donor area that hairs will never grow up again.

This is the main reason that your surgeon should take the grafts carefully. There should not be any kind of the visible scar.

What kinds of the problems will occur due to the bad hair transplant?

There will be visible hair transplant.

There are fewer numbers of the grafts are left out due to the bad hair transplant. This is an essential condition to consult the best surgeon for the best hair transplant. We are providing the best hair transplant in India.

What should be done in order get the good result in first time Hair transplant?

This is an essential condition on the part of the surgeon which method or technique is used. He or she must choose the technique that is appropriate for the patient.

In FUT, only the portion of the tissues had been taken from the back of the head and this will leave the unavoidable scar. If it is performed by the expert, then this will just like the pencil line.

Proper harvesting of the hair follicles is important to achieve the maximum coverage. This will lead to the denser hair growth.