Balding & Cowlicking: What’s the difference & Is there any need to worry?


Balding & Cowlicking: What’s the difference & Is there any need to worry?

Sudden changes or hair conditions that have been dealt with since childhood like cowlicking can lead to a belief that one is about to go bald. There are various signs of hair loss, but where one understands no absolute cause of his or her hair loss, this signifies a need to worry

What is Baldness?

Baldness is simply the total loss of hair on the specified scalp portions. The generic term for baldness is alopecia and there are various types that include Male and Female pattern alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Anagen Effluvium, and Telogen Effluvium.

What is cowlicking?

Cowlicking is when an individual, commonly males, has a swirling hair scalp appearance. This is generally a hair growth pattern that is witnessed since childhood commonly on the crown, back or front regions of the scalp.

How does Baldness or Cowlicking develop?

Normally, baldness is an extreme form of hair loss that has failed to respond to treatments. It is commonly realized in males, whereas in women, they can also experience a different form of baldness

Cowlicking, on the other hand, develops as soon as the child is born. Most hair experts believe that a cowlick occurs while the baby is still in her mother’s womb. Normally, cowlick hair strands lack a definite direction which makes the hair follicles follow various directions

Can Cowlicking lead to Baldness?

Generally, yes, cowlicks can lead to hair loss which can also trigger baldness in the affected regions. There is a need to worry and one must attain earlier solutions

What to do about baldness & Cowlicking?

Both baldness and cowclicking can be combated through a hair transplant in India, however, cowclicking will require a different surgical approach to correct the hair direction.

In some cases, cowclicking is natural and may not be a sign of future hair loss and with this, you can opt for various hairstyles such as the textured hairstyles, undercut or the buzzcut.