After hair restoration surgery- Discomfort & Pain


After hair restoration surgery- Discomfort & Pain

Many patients ask about the possibility of pain during a hair surgery or after the hair surgery. The fact is that a hair transplant surgery produces less pain than other surgical procedures including the main that one may have to endure during a dental treatment.

You have to be puzzled about the possible pain, risks, side effects and complications since it is your first time to undergo the surgery, but you shouldn’t become perplexed after a consultation with a surgeon.

During the consultation, a major evaluation is important to ascertain any possible results after the surgery. Some patients have very delicate scalps meaning that they may experience more discomfort than others during and after the hair transplant surgery.

Pain during the surgery can be minimised by drugs before the surgery kicks off.

Premedications to reduce anxiety and also increase the discomfort threshold include valium among others.

During the hair transplant in India, the required amount of local anesthesia is administered to prevent pain. The anesthesia is injected into the scalp and the surgeon will ask you in case you are feeling any pain during the procedure.

As the surgeon extracts the individual hair follicles, the patient must be calm and should worry since a surgeon such as that at Profile cosmetic surgery centre is much experienced in the field. With the FUT technique, the surgeon will only extract a strip and dissect it as you wait on.

A certain amount of pain will be felt after the procedure, but painkillers are mostly recommended to cut down the pain. The pain will fade as the wound heals in case proper postoperative treatment is performed.

What you must know about the medications prescribed

A surgeon may prescribe different types of drugs to different patients as per the;

Age difference

Type of technique to be used

The patient’s lifestyle

Medical history

Surgeon’s expertise

Length of the procedure among others

The prescribed medication, when taken as recommended, will reduce the discomfort and pain during and after the procedure.

Most patients will automatically feel a slight or no pain within the first 2 days post the hair transplant.

You should get back to the surgeon in case the pain relievers fail to work or experience increased bleeding.

Will the pre-operative care and treatment affect my hair transplant cost

Obviously yes, since you have to spend on the prescribed medications, but the extent varies on the type of treatments.

The pre-prescribed medications will not 100% affect your hair transplant cost in India, but will range between Rs. 500 to Rs.1, 000.

In case you smoke, one should make it a point to stop for at least one week to prevent excessive bleeding.

You should stop any blood thinners before the procedure as recommended.

Side effects to watch out for


Bleeding should be expected after the procedure, especially after an FUT hair transplant procedure since a strip is cut from the scalp region.


Controlled movements are recommended after the surgery since it may jeopardise the results and as well bring about unintended occurrences.

Scabbing and itching may also occur.