Benefits of Having a Hair Transplant Surgery


Benefits of Having a Hair Transplant Surgery

The escalation in the number of hair loss cases has shown an increased flow towards hair transplant. It guarantees permanent results and that is what makes it a hit with the patients. Unlike other methods, which yield either temporary or no results at all, hair transplant surgery stands at an advantageous position due to the permanency of its results. So if you are among those millions who are facing hair loss and want a permanent solution, hair transplant is the best bet for you.

Why is it the Best Choice?

We have highlighted one but we want to summarize all the advantages hair transplant has over other methods-

  1. Most Natural Looking Results

Hair transplant offers a multitude of benefits, among which the natural results is the best one. With over 1,000 follicular units being transplanted in a session ( which could go up to 4000), it requires a minimum time to get the maximum effect. The hair transplanted is able to mimic the natural hair growth pattern and angle. It is all the finesse of the surgeon who observes the natural pattern of the patient and makes sure that the transplanted hair follows it.

  1. It is simply amazing and non-invasive too!

It is a procedure which incurs minimal invasion on your scalp. You will need to be injected with local anesthesia during the FUT procedure. It will be helpful in numbing the donor area. You will feel that you are lying on a massage table. The removal of the strands from the donor area and the suturing usually lasts for an hour. You can utilize this time in watching a movie or simply relaxing as you get your new hair! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

  1. Permanency (We Told You!)

You have to go on with the over the counter medications and cosmetics which claim to be effective in hair loss. But their results are anything but permanent (unless the hair loss is due to some deficiency). If Propecia or Minoxidil has shown good results, you will have to continue these medicines for your entire lifetime. The day you stop taking them, you might start losing your hair again. Regular intake of these medicines can have harmful side effects on your body. You don’t have such a risk with a hair transplant.

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