Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant – the Future


Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant – the Future

Hair transplant is the perfect choice when it comes to solving the issue of hair loss and filling the bald spots. The technique is the best and it helps the patient to get the natural and permanent hair growth. In this guide, we are going to discuss the beard to hair transplant treatment.


Beard to hair transplant has become common to correct the issue of male pattern baldness. With time, technology has improved which helped to solve the problem for many people. The hair transplant surgery makes it possible for the patient to have a head full of hair. Like this, the beard hair transplantation is the best choice for the patients. This is the perfect option for the patients who have a low density or they are facing the issue of extensive balding. 

Why the beard transplantation on the rise?

One of the reasons that technology is improved because with time it has become easier to understand the hair follicular units. Additionally, the process of extracting the follicular units is getting better which means it is possible to take it from other body parts. Earlier, the process of extracting the hair from the face seemed a daunting method. 

With FUE, the hair grafts can be extracted from the different body parts. No doubt, the hair on the torso, genitals, and limbs are different as compared to the scalp hair. But, ones on the face are most likely the same as the scalp in terms of thickness, lifecycle, and hair growth. 

The improved technology and made it easier to use the latest tools which makes it easier to use facial hair and then restore them to the balding area. Earlier, if the size of the balding area is large then the wound area will be the same. 

Now, as the technology has improved it has discarded the issue of the wound. With the FUE method, the hair follicles are extracted one by one due to which they do not leave any scar or wound from where they are extracted. This way, the complications will be reduced and you can get the desired results you are looking for. 

Is there any limitation?

In case, the men who do not have facial hair or have a sparse beard can have problems. In some cases, men cannot shave or trim facial hair due to religious reasons. Many men prefer to grow a beard in the future. 

Extracting the hair follicles in such cases is still an option but the donor area is limited to the neck and beneath it. The patient can still have a suitable number of hair grafts to restore the balding area. 

For more information, about which treatment plan will suit you the best then schedule your appointment with the doctor.