Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant in India

Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant

Beard hair loss growing in significant years from past few years. Fue transplant procedure is used for increasing hair growth of beard full of hairs. Nowadays it’s a trend to grow the beard.

Facial hairs thin or missing with time Most commonly beard hairs loss occurs at age of 40. hair transplant a process in which hair grows on your face with FUE technique at the area of your beard and mustache grown by the procedure of transplant. So many reasons behind facial hair loss. How much hair grafts required these are measure within their area. As the rough idea it is needed 300 to 450 hair grafts for mustache and 650 to 800 for the full goatee, 250- 300 for sideburn, 400- 750 grafts for cheeks. But basically, it’s upon person to person some needed second sitting for more grafts.

Facial hair loss from the area of beard where patches of hairs loss from the face. Now hairs can grow with Fue technique. Outcomes with highly depends upon the surgeon’s experience area. Results of beard hair transplant look completely natural, Genuine beard with good looks.

So many reasons loss of hairs some diseases may attack to hair follicles eg. arthritis,rheumatoid,alopecia areta some other scalp infection and hormonal changes may be a reason of hair loss.


Main reasons of hair loss

    1. 1. Genetic
      2. Hormonal Changes
      3. Medical Problems
      4. Medication

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