Are E-Cig A Reason behind Hair Loss Too?


Are E-Cig A Reason behind Hair Loss Too?

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

E-Cigarettes are battery operated device that emits vaporized nicotine solution for a person to inhale. It was introduced in the market for consumers in 2004. After that, it became extremely popular. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are the two most popular brands of E-Cigarettes. It provides a similar sensation of inhaling tobacco smoke without the use of smoke. When you blow out you will see a cloud of vapor that resembles the smoke of a cigarette.

In united states around 3.2 percent of adults are using them. However many research showed that they have a very bad impact on a person’s health. It can trigger many health issues such as lung disease, fatal poisoning, and cancer. Recent studies showed that consumption of e-cigarettes can also cause hair loss. You can treat the issue by going for a hair loss treatment.

Why E-cigarettes Causes The Problem Of Hair Loss?

Smoking damages our body in many ways. Many research showed that men who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day are at a higher risk of hair loss. Scientists have still not found any connection between smoking and hair loss. Due to excessive use of smoking, it will affect the overall growth of your body and which will also lead to different types of deficiencies.

In the same manner, E-cigarettes is also harmful to your health and body. E-Cigarettes contain an atomized solution that has nicotine in it. E-Cigarettes come in a range of 6mg to 18mg with a high level of nicotine. There are other options also available which contain taurine. The chemicals found in these products are highly toxic and addictive.

Intake of nicotine increases the problem of heart rate and blood pressure. It restricts the blood flow to reach the scalp. It leads to circulation difficulties which will trigger the problem of hair loss. It will harm the growth of hair follicles and it will permanently enter the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. It is found that consumption of E-cigarettes can kill 358 genes that play a vital role in protecting our immune system whereas smoking kills only 53 genes that are valuable for the growth of your immune system.

The research is still going on to find the root cause of this problem. So, it’s best to avoid the E-cigarettes until more research is completed on them.