Anesthsia leads to comfort zone in hair transplant


Anesthsia leads to comfort zone in hair transplant

Anesthsia leads to comfort zone in hair transplant

Hair transplantation is cosmetic surgery in which person’s own hair follicles are extracted and transplanted into bald area. It is good way to say bye to baldness forever. But important question about it that people ask about is whether this procedure is painful or not?

Tolerance and susceptibility for pain can different from patient to patient and even some has fobia that this procedure is quite painful and to get escape from this trauma people choose not to get this treatment.

Open up with surgeon for your anxiety for treatment

If you are thinking about surgical hair treatment but denying due to fear of pain then you must discuss with your surgeon about any kind of doubts as the anxiety about these concerns can be alleviated with the objective information and discussions with the doctor.

Way to anesthesia

Assuming that hair transplant is painless is not right fact as extraction of hair follicles and even incision with the needles entire process is quite painful so being nervous before the treatment is not irrational fact but adequate information about the entire procedure can lead to minimize the nervousness.

Drop down the discomfort and pain of the surgery anesthesia is the best option that leads to numbness of scalp and minimizes the pain. Adequate amount of anesthesia is applied before the extraction of follicles so the patient does not feel the pain of needles and other tools used for surgery.

Facts about anesthesia and anxiety during surgery

Patient is asked not be nervous before surgery and not to hide his fears as the tension during the surgery may lead to increase in the heart beat and leads to bleeding during the surgery. So it is important to be calm and burst out all tensions and worries about the surgery.

Anesthesia is best gateway for eliminating pain during the surgery but amount and type of patient for each patient may worry only the correct selection of anti anxiety medication can lead to effective results.

Therefore patient is asked for past medical history and any kind of allergy and contradiction for these kinds of medicines so that surgeon may select the best and suitable medication for the patient that would not be harmful and let the patient to have painless and comfortable surgery. So only the rational use of anesthesia may lead to comfort zone during the hair restoration surgery.