A hair transplant procedure will make you look good and improve your confidence


    A hair transplant procedure will make you look good and improve your confidence

    Have you ever wondered why TV celebs don’t go bald? No doubt, they have to look their best on the big screen all the time. This is why they choose to benefit from medical procedures like hair transplant. During the initial consultation, with many of our patients, we have seen that they get highly fascinated by celebrities, and just because they had undergone the hair transplant they want to get it too.

    No doubt, choosing to undergo a hair transplant in Punjab is the best choice. But, don’t you think you should be fully informed about the treatment to enjoy its benefits even more. From understanding the hair transplant type to knowing about the Hair Transplant Cost it is essential to know everything in detail. Keeping all that aside, one thing that is for sure is that a hair transplant is going to boost your self-confidence and make you look just the way you want.

    Technological advancement making a huge impact

    Technological advancement and its presence in every sector are way more than anyone would have thought about. Indeed! It is changing the way treatment is done and this is the reason a hair transplant is the best choice for patients struggling with hair loss. All thanks to modern technology those days are gone when the hair plugs were used and it did not give the results which patients wanted to have. But, now technology has changed everything the way hair transplant treatment is done.

    Hair implantation procedure has become precise

    You know what’s the best part about the hair transplant, it is the way hair grafts are implanted and transplanted to the desired place. No matter which method of hair transplantation is used by the doctor between FUE, FUT, or a combination of both, you can expect precision in every step of the treatment.

    Moreover, it is improving the way hair density is achieved with hair transplant and the hair grafts are implanted at the right angle. This is the reason, you will be getting natural-looking hair growth and permanent results. Withal, the brilliance and skills of the hair transplant surgeon are going to make everything much better and just the way you want.

    The transplanted hair will stay will not fall out

    Once the hair grafts are implanted in the desired place, they will not fall out. Although, after 14 days you can expect that your hair will fall out from the desired place which is normal and part of the surgery. It is simply the effect of hair transplant on the scalp which is referred to as shock loss. Once that phase is over you can expect continuous hair growth and it will be completely natural and permanent.

    Happy patient

    Deep Alok

    A few years back I planned to get the hair transplant treatment as someone was giving it at an extremely low price. At that time I did not research enough and regretted it later when I did not get to see the results I expected.

    After COVID, I consulted Dr. Vikas Gupta to get my failed hair transplantation corrected. I got satisfied during the initial consultation which took around 45 minutes as he asked me different questions and even gave me time to clear my doubts. As I am writing this review it is the end of the 3rd month after the hair transplant and I have started noticing the results he told me about. Highly recommend consulting him for your hair loss problems.