9 Major Forms of Hair Loss People Suffer from


9 Major Forms of Hair Loss People Suffer from

Hair loss is a common condition that is experienced by both men and women. If you are suffering from hair loss, you need to understand which type of hair you suffer from. Here, in this article, you will surely learn the forms of hair loss. And then you will get the right and suitable treatment according to your hair loss type.

These days, many people are fed-up of hair loss condition, because it is further associated with many other scalp and hair conditions. This condition is caused due to many factors such as hormonal changes, poor nutrition, smoking, medical conditions, certain medications, and genetic factors. In this condition, you need to visit the doctor, so that you can get the hair loss treatment. 

Hair loss treatment involves several types of treatment like hair transplant and oral medications. From these options, hair transplant surgery is of two types that offer you the permanent results along with natural looking hair growth. However, you need to understand the forms of hair loss in order to get the best treatment. 

Androgenetic Alopecia-: This androgenetic alopecia additionally known as male pattern baldness, this is one of the most common conditions that is experienced by both sexes. In addition to this, this condition is caused due to high levels of androgens, that are basically male hormones. This condition can be treated by hair transplantation because this is a safe and secure procedure. 

Alopecia Areata-: This is an autoimmune condition, due to this condition your immune system attacks hair follicles, that are responsible for hair growth. This hair fall condition is additionally known as patchy hair loss. This condition can be caused due to genetic factors and physical stress. 

Alopecia Totalis-: This form of hair loss is also an autoimmune condition, similarly like Alopecia Areata. This condition leads you to complete baldness. 

Traction Alopecia-: This hair loss form is caused due to certain hairstyles or tight ponytails as well. You can get rid of this condition only when you avoid making such type of hairstyles. 

Cicatricial Alopecia

This type of hair loss is common in both sexes in old age and leads them to permanent hair fall. This is caused due to inflammatory health conditions.

Telogen Effluvium

This condition is also known as postpartum hair loss, that is occurred in women after giving birth to a child. 

Involutional Alopecia

Old age people usually experience this form of hair loss. This happens when your hair is unable to get adequate nutritional intake, that leads to hair fall. 

Anagen Effluvium

This hair loss form is caused due to certain medications and health conditions. This can be experienced by people of any age group. 

Alopecia Universalis

It is an autoimmune disorder, that leads to hair fall, and it is a common condition in both sexes.