8 Crucial Facts about breast surgery that every patient should know


8 Crucial Facts about breast surgery that every patient should know

One patient of ours whose name we can’t reveal due to our security and confidentiality policy approached us for taking up the Breast reduction surgery in Punjab. We assured her that we shall help her in bringing about the desired results. She trusted us and eventually she thanked us because before beginning the procedure, we deliberated with her to know what she was expecting from the procedure and we found out that her expectations are not realistic. We made her aware of the important facts that she must know.

  • A rise in the self-esteem

We assured her that no matter how effective the results will be, but she will feel a boost in her confidence. When she visited us back after her recovery, she praised us for bringing about what we have assured her of.

  • Recovery needs time

Although it is said that breast reduction surgery does not take time but still if the individual wants to get the best results then the result is very important and it is advised to take some days off from what you are doing.

  • The surgery cannot carry out the excessive reduction

If you have such large breasts and you are willing to get their size reduced to the size of the breasts that the teenager has. Your expectations are not realistic. So we always make our patients aware beforehand so that they may not get disappointed after the surgery and that stress or disappointment factor causes a significant negative impact on the recovery.

  • You will get your breast lifted

The lifting of the breasts is very important since it is the one characteristic of the female body that makes her look appealing. The saggy and loose breasts often disturb the overall look of the individual.

  • You’ll have scars

There will be scarring around the nipples after the procedure. But do not worry since the scarring is not long-lasting and has the potential to get faded away with time.

  • Breastfeeding

In the rarest cases, the woman feels discomfort during breastfeeding. But to be very honest, none of our patients has ever approached complaining to us of the pain that is occurring owing to breastfeeding.

  • Numb nipples

The nipples may feel decreased in sensational aspects as long as you are in the recovery period. No sooner your rehabilitation period will be over than the nipples can get back with their sensations again.

  • Discomfort

We told our patients in the beginning since our body takes a little bit of time to get adapted to the new change. So it may take up to a week or two for her body to get adapted to the reduced size of the breasts.