7 Basic Steps of hair transplant aftercare


7 Basic Steps of hair transplant aftercare

Hair transplantation is the best treatment method available to cure the issue of hair fall and balding. The best part is that its results are permanent and the hair growth is natural. But to see the desired results you need to take care properly after the surgery. In this guide, we have mentioned the aftercare steps

People who are dealing with the issue of hair loss can get it solved with hair transplant treatment. This is the best option to get the hair restored properly and also gain your self-confidence back. But, keep in mind that for seeing the best results you need to take proper care and follow the instructions given by the surgeon. This will ensure long-lasting results. Below we have mentioned them for your understanding. 

Sleeping Position

After the hair transplant surgery, the patient must keep their heads elevated. This is because, if you don’t then it will affect the grafts. Our doctor always recommends that the patient should sleep in a semi-upright position or lay in a reclining chair. If the grafts are transplanted in the lower crown area then sleep on the side but keeping the head elevated is essential in every situation. 

Do not drink or smoke

You need to be aware that smoking or drinking can affect the results. If you drink alcohol it will make the blood thin and lead to bleeding. On the other hand, if you smoke then blood flow will be affected which will disrupt the hair follicles growth. At least for the first month after the surgery, you should neglect these things. 

Avoid excessive heat or cold

For the first month you need to keep in mind that excessive sweating can affect the grafts, so avoid going to the gym. Also, stay in a comfortable environment it should not be too hold or too cold. 

Wash hair very gently

24 hours after the surgery hair can be washed but not before that. While washing use very gentle shampoo and conditioner, also wash the hair very gently. To use the shower wait for at least 4 days after the surgery.

Take the prescribed medication

Keep in mind that take the medications as prescribed by the surgeon and is specified dose should be taken. Also, tell your surgeon if you are on any medications before the surgery as there are some which can lead to bleeding.

Do not lift and bend

You need to keep in mind that bending or lifting is not allowed after the surgery for at least 2 days. This is because it can cause swelling and bleeding. Additionally, do not touch or rub the scalp as it increases the chances of infection. 

Take proper rest

After the surgery, you need to rest properly so that recovery is smooth and fast.