62 World’s Top Most Famous Hair Transplant


62 World’s Top Most Famous Hair Transplant

Hair loss has not even left the famous men of the world, untouched and dented their charming look. Famous celebrities are facing this problem of baldness since long time which forces them to go for some solution to conceal this bane.

As for famous people look and face is of utmost important so restoring their hair is quite obvious as hair are the effective part of personality that can either make impressive or embarrassing look.

If we go for the solution of hair loss which is also quite common among masses then there are many solution but very less are reliable and effective. Hair transplant is the most advanced and permanent solution for curing the baldness.

Due to the permanent and natural results of this surgical hair restoration famous persons show much interest and click this option when they ponder to regain their smart look.

Here are few famous persons that started going bald but arrested it with the simple surgical method for having natural, safe, undetectable and permanent results. Secret of their hair restoration get reflected only after comparing their past and present photos with head full of hair.

1.    Sourav Ganguly
2.    Aditya Pancholi
3.    David Beckham
4.    Govinda
5.    Gordon Ramsay
6.    Abhijeet Bhattacharya
7.    Salman Khan
8.    Sanjay Dutt
9.    Himesh Reshammiya
10.    Amitabh Bachchan
11.    Akshay Khanna
12.    Kapil Sharma
13.    Rakesh Roshan
14.    Anupam kher
15.    Sunny Deol
16.    Uday Chopra
17.    Akshay Kumar
18.    Javed Jaffrey
19.    Jackie Shroff
20.    Paresh Rawal
21.    John Travolta
22.    Jude Law
23.    James Nesbitt
24.    Matthew McConaughey
25.    Kevin Costner
26.    Jon Cryer
27.    Tom Hanks
28.    Wayne Rooney
29.    Chris Martin
30.    Jeremy Piven
31.    A.J. McLean
32.    Declan Donnelly
33.    Hugh Laurie
34.    Rob Brydon
35.    Thom Yorke
36.    Mel Gibson
37.    Nicolas Cage
38.    Kyran Bracken
39.    Billy Bob Thornton
40.    Mickey Rourke
41.    Jason Gardiner
42.    Shane Warne
43.    Sylvester Stallone
44.    Elton John
45.    Edward Norton
46.    Robbie Williams
47.    Tommy Lee Jones
48.    Louis Walsh
49.    Jamie Foxx
50.    Calum Best
51.    Brendan Fraser
52.    Gordon Ramsay
53.    Joey Fatone
54.    Steve Carell
55.    Enrique Iglesias
56.    Sean Penn
57.    John Cleese
58.    Christian Slater
59.    Bono
60.    Al Pacino
61.    Simon Pegg
62.    Ben Affleck