6 Tips On How To Give Your Hair A Fresh Look


6 Tips On How To Give Your Hair A Fresh Look

We all aspire for a shiny, healthy mane but seldom look into the reasons which might be causing our hair to be dull and frizzy. While it is necessary to take care of our hair, it is equally important to take a careful look at what goes inside the body. To make it short, we need to be careful about we eat. Hair reflects our nutrition level and health. Keratin, a protein that makes up our hair needs to nourished with minerals and vitamins. Hair Restoration is not as tough as we think it is. Just a few steps and careful eating will rejuvenate our hair.Given below are some hair restoration and rejuvenation tips for your hair –

1. Gorge on Eggs

Eggs are packed with many minerals and vitamins besides being a rich source of protein. A regular consumption of eggs leads to glossy hair.

2. Go for the greens

Green leafy vegetables are considered healthy for various reasons. They are rich in iron and provide it to the body when consumed. A body which has low iron content will have trouble in transporting oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body. If the same happens with hair, the roots might not be strong enough and the result will be broken strands.

3. Up your Vitamin C intake

Vitamin c is vital for iron absorption. Therefore it is a wise move to add fruits rich in vitamin c to your diet. A glass of lime in water with a touch of honey is enough to give you the desired amount of vitamin c for the day. The vitamin is essential for the production of collagen.Collagen makes the capillaries connected to the hair shaft stronger.

4. Go Nuts Over Nuts

Live the natural way. Snack on seeds and nuts instead of processed food. Not only will it be good for your weight but also for your hair. Nuts provide Omega-3 fatty acids which are required by the body but can’t be manufactured by it. Almonds and seeds provide with these acids readily.

5. Boost Your Biotin Content

Have a diet rich in whole grains. These offer enough iron, zinc and vitamin B to you. Biotin is also provided by these.Biotin is essential for good hair as it plays a significant role in producing amino acids which promote hair growth.

6. Stock up on Rabbit’s favorite food

Yes, carrots are not only good for the furry rabbits but you as well, especially if you are seeking a solution for dull and thinning hair. Juice it, cook it or have it raw, but do make it an important part of your diet. Here’s why -it is rich in vitamin A which is essential for the growth of every kind of cell. It also triggers the production of sebum, a natural oil produced by the body, which keeps the scalp and hair roots healthy.