6 Myths About Face Lift Surgery Debunked


6 Myths About Face Lift Surgery Debunked

Myth #1:  Face Lifts are of many kinds 

Facelifts seem to have become the demand of the times. Many celebrities have opted for it to get the ageless look. There are two types of facelift surgery. The first kind helps in rejuvenating the middle, lower face, and neck area. The second one helps in tightening the neck area and the jawline. There is absolutely no comparison between the surgical and the non-surgical methods of a facelift. While the surgical method gives amazing results, the nonsurgical one gives limited results. A good facelift is judged by the improvement in facial appearance and natural-looking results.

Myth #2: Facelift tightens the skin 

The procedure provides much more than that. The facelift addresses the skin’s aging process at a deeper level. It caters to the fascia and the muscle level of the face. It ensures that the cheeks and other structures of the face are lifted. It also helps in tightening of the jowls and the jawline. The covering skin is draped over the face minus the tension.

Myth #3: Facelift should be done at an older age 

While some people want to keep the option for the later years, it is a good choice if you opt for it when you are younger. It might help you in aging gracefully. If the surgery is performed in the younger years, it requires less effort and fast recovery. The results are more durable and natural-looking if the procedure is performed in the younger years.

Myth #4: Minimise the number of additional procedures

You may feel that the procedure, if performed with additional procedures, may become complicated. However, it is quite common and completely safe to do it. Incorporating more additional procedures will make way for more facial harmony by the cosmetic surgeon accompanied by a reduction of the recovery period. There, you have got a win-win situation with this one.

Myth #5: Face Lift doesn’t result in Improvement of Health

It is surprising but it is true. Opting for a facelift will certainly make you appear better than before. The psychological repercussion of looking good and refreshed often results in a sense of overall wellbeing and good health. According to research, the women who had facelifts lived at least a decade longer than women who didn’t have one.

Myth #6: A Face Lift should be done after Every 5 Years.

A facelift’s durability will depend on how well you take care of yourself. You will have to take care of your bad habits such as unhealthy food and indulging in smoking and drinking. If you want your facelift to the last longer, it is necessary to take good care by having a balanced diet, quitting alcohol and smoking and avoiding sun exposure. Your facelift can last up to 15 years if you follow the correct care schedule.