5 most common Myths and facts about Hair Transplant


5 most common Myths and facts about Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the world proven and revolutionary method used for restoring hair that grow naturally for rest of life still there are numerous misconceptions in the minds of the general public regarding this procedure.

In the minds of people following are most common myths about this method of hair restoration

Myth 1: Hair Transplantation Can Lead To The Problem In Eyes, Head And Even Brain

Fact     It is the common believe of the people that transplantation is not the safe procedure but the fact is that it is quite safe and does not have side effects for eyes, brain and head. During transplantation out of 5 layers of scalp outermost layer is treated for extraction and transplantation so there is not even single possibility for problem in these body parts.

Myth 2 How Transplanted Hair Can Grow As They Are Artificial

 Fact     Transplantation is done by taking the patient’s own hair while extraction and these hairs are transplanted in the bald area with the retained properties of activeness and loss resistant that leads to the growth of hair even after their rearrangement.

Myth 3 extraction and transplantation is painful

Fact     Extracting  and transplantation of hair in scalp can be painful but the procedure is performed under local anesthesia that lead to numbness of scalp so the patients do not feel any kind of pain or discomfort while extraction and transplantation

Myth 4 transplanted hairs can be easily detected

Fact     If the procedure is done by the experienced surgeon then new cannot be detected even by your hair stylist? Experienced and talented surgeon can give unbeatable results by considering the direction, depth, angle, texture and color of existing hair and even his artistic skills can minimize the scars that fade away in no time.

Myth 5 transplanted hairs cannot survive for lifetime

Fact     It is just misconception transplanted hair survive for rest of life as while surgery only the loss resistant hair follicles are transplanted in the portion so these follicles cannot be arrested by the any cause of hair loss so the transplanted hair do not fall off.

After the 3-4 weeks of surgery transplanted grafts get shed but this fall are temporary and after specific time of 6-7 weeks follicles start growing and survive for rest of life.