4 Myths about liposuction that you must avoid


4 Myths about liposuction that you must avoid

Every person wants their body should look perfect and for that, they consider the option of diet & exercise. But, not in every case, it can give the results you want. This is where liposuction treatment has been proven beneficial. In this guide, we are going to talk about the myths related to the same.

Liposuction has become a very popular option in the last few years. But despite the popularity, many myths revolve around the treatment. This is the reason when a patient visits us to get the liposuction surgery we make sure that they are informed about the procedure in detail so that all their doubts are cleared. Now let’s take a look at the top 4 myths.

Myth 1: The lipo procedure is going to help me lose weight

This is the biggest myth as it is not a weight-loss option. The procedure is best for patients who are close to their ideal weight. Patients who are overweight or obese are at higher risk or the complications can arise. Also, excess weight or weight fluctuations can affect the desired results of the treatment.

Myth 2: The treatment will solve the cellulite issue

Cellulite results in dimpled appearance which occurs due to the collagen bands. The lipo procedure is only helpful in treating fat, not cellulite.

Myth 3: The treatment helps in treating excess and loose skin

The procedure does not help treat the loose skin which hangs from the body. This procedure can be combined with a lift procedure if the patient wants to address the issue of excess pockets of fat.

To get flattened and smooth appearance the excess skin is removed & tightened with a thigh lift, arm lift, and tummy tuck. For some patients, this treatment is combined with other procedures so that their body contour is removed and they get the slim look they want.

Myth 4: After treatment fat will return

The targeted fat cells once removed cannot grow back in the body. But, this does not mean that if the person will not gain weight after undergoing the surgery. The remaining fat cells in the body can create a problem if the patient is not taking care of their health and maintaining body weight. So, the patient needs to follow the instructions given by the doctor along with maintaining a healthy diet and following a proper exercise regime.


So, now you are aware of the top myths which revolve around the surgery. Make sure that you seek treatment from the best surgeon so that they let you know what should be done and how you need to manage everything to get the desired results you want. Schedule your appointment with the doctor to get the best treatment plan.