11 Things to Know Before you go for a Hair Transplant


11 Things to Know Before you go for a Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is extremely delicate procedure so one must act wisely before taking the decision of transplantation as there are n numbers of things that need be considered If you want to take rational decision.

Ignorance if these basic things can impact your transplantation results adversely and even can leave room for repentance for you after surgery. So here is list of things that must be kept in mind before going to the way of transplantation

Always chose the accredited and well equipped medical center for surgery as only accredited center can provide you treatment with proper sterility and surgery protocols

Make sure that surgeon and technician that are in transplantation team are qualified and licensed.

Checking eligibility of the patient for the treatment is must so make sure that you must be evaluated clinically and medically by the experts.

Medical history and health of patient must be evaluated before surgery to know about any contradiction that patient have from medicines so that procedure can be performed without risks and complications. Even the local anesthesia must be administered by the surgeon to check expiry date, content and amount to be given.

Patient’s oxygen level with the pulse oximetry and blood pressure must be monitored regularly by the transplantation team during surgery

FUT method leaves the linear scar due to removal of strip so surgeon must have artistic skills that the scar and scalp wounds can be minimized and managed

If the patient is getting FUE method then the procedure must be performed by only experienced surgeon as it is magnificent method and need sufficient skills.

Grafting of hair must be performed by the well trained and qualified technicians under the super vision of the experienced surgeon.

Patient should be discharged only after the proper examining and assessment by the senior qualified and experienced surgeon.

There must be regular follow up and proper care system even after surgery so that safe and effective results can be ensured after surgery.

If the patient have hair loss in very initial stage then make sure that center has recommended you for PRP treatment along with transplantation surgery as the plasma enriched cells can reverse the hair loss, stimulate hair growth ,improve the quality of hair and healing process get boosted with enriched cells taken from patient’s own blood.