10 Factors That Can Affect Tattoo Removal Treatment’s Results


    10 Factors That Can Affect Tattoo Removal Treatment’s Results

    Trend of tattoo making on different body parts is quite common especially among the youngsters and celebrities but sometimes these tattoos become headache for them. Sometimes they have tattoo which either has appearance issue or some issue in tattoo making so they want to remove it as soon as possible but it can be difficult for them due to following factors

    Effectiveness of laser

    For tattoo removal, laser effectiveness can play great role as only highly effective laser can break down the tattoo ink pigments to remove them. However some laser can damage the skin as well so selection of perfect laser for tattoo removal is quite essential.

    Ink colors

    Different tattoo inks can be removed with the laser of different wavelength. Dark colors needed the lighter wavelength lasers however the light colors require powerful laser wavelength. So choice of wavelength should be perfect enough to shatter down the colors of tattoo. If you are having multicolor tattoo then your doctor need to choose the laser of adequate wavelength so that tattoo can be removed with desired results.

    Experience and efficiency of technician

    While removing tattoo experience of technician matters a lot as only the best technician can understand the value of desired results without damaging the skin. Longer treatment for same tattoo area can cause burns or scars, it can only experienced and efficient technician can understand and only he can choose adequate amount of laser pulses to give you effective and safe results after treatment.


    Patient himself can also play positive role for acquiring the best effective results of tattoo removal as after removal of tattoo it is essential to prevent your skin from damage by following the proper instructions given by technician such as patient must avoid the contact sports, Cosmetics, perfumes or tight clothes immediate after treatment to prevent damage.

    Time gap between two lasering sessions

    Tattoo removal treatments can be given in two to three sessions but each session must be at least after 6 weeks of gap so that skin can be prevented from damage as quick laser session can cause skin burn.

    Tattoo area

    Location of tattoo also can affect the tattoo removal treatment as if you are having tattoo on legs or arms then it can be removed with great success and even tattoo present on face, neck or back can also be removed easily as these body areas have high blood and lymph node counts which make technician’s job easier otherwise tattoo removal can be tough if it is present on the lower body areas.

    Old tattoo

    Age of your tattoo can also affect the results of removal session as if you are having tattoo recently then it can difficult for the technician to remove it ,whereas old tattoo fade away with time and old ink pigments easily get broken so can be removed easily.

    Tattoo depth

    If your tattoo id deeper in the skin then it can be harder to remove for instance in high quality professional tattoos ink penetrates the dermis layer of ink deeply with more ink so it becomes harder for the technician to remove it.

    Lifestyle factors

    If you are having habit of smoking or alcohol then your tattoo removal treatment can take longer time as smoking affects adversely to the effectiveness of laser so longer time required for tattoo removal.

    Excessive exposure of sun

    Excessive exposure of sun before and after treatment can affect the results of tattoo removal treatment as it become difficult for the laser to treat burnt or tanned skin.