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    Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab, Profile Hair Centre or Profile Forte, Profile Hair Studio is the best-in-class hair transplant and cosmetic surgery clinic in India. Dr Vikas Gupta (Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon) is the director of the ‘Leading Centre For Hair Transplant in Punjab: Profile Forte’ located close to Punjab agriculture university and rose garden, Ludhiana, Punjab.

    Dr. Vikas Gupta entitled “The Makeover Man” by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh is a medical director with state-of-the-art technology. Profile Forte always strives to deliver the best result of hair transplant and plastic surgeries with the expert team headed by plastic surgeon Dr. Vikas Gupta who provides one of the best experiences to treat hair loss.

    Dr Vikas Gupta

    Dr Vikas Gupta

    MS. Mch, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon
    Hair Transplant Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, 12+ Years Experience
    Best Hair Transplant Surgeon, Ludhiana
    Best hair transplant surgeon ludhiana

     Dr. Vikas Gupta (board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon PMC 29019) did his super specialization in plastic and cosmetic surgery (M.CH.).

    We have done successful FUE and FUT hair transplant in Ludhiana, Delhi, Surat, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and International patients of more than 80 countries, i.e USA, USSR, Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, and many more.

    Dr. Vikas Gupta is well versed with FUT, and FUE and it depends upon the choice of patient and clinical condition to choose the technique.

    Profile Forte is the only clinic providing world-class techniques of painless & scarless graft implantation. We have stopped using spiky forceps which poke your skin while implantation. Instead, we use a soft, malleable rubber handle implanter imported from Turkey.


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    FUE Hair Transplant 2

    FUE Hair Transplant

    In the present time, it has become feasible to eradicate the problem of hair shedding easily, thanks to improvements in the cosmetic industry.

    FUT Hair Transplant

    FUT Hair Transplant

    Follicular unit transplant or FUT is known as strip method that is a traditional hair transplantation method that is commonly selected by people.

    Bio FUE Hair Transplant

    Bio FUE

    Follicular Unit Extraction method is helping hair loss patients to get more attractive and younger look.

    Beard Hair Transplant

    Beard Hair Transplant

    Beard hair loss growing in significant years from past few years. Fue transplant procedure is used for increasing hair growth

    body icon

    Body Hair Transplant

    Scalp hairs are normally utilized for transplantation purpose. But in case the scalp hairs are not sufficient to obtain the required results.

    Eyebrow Hair Transplant

    Eyebrow Hair Transplant

    Eyebrows and eyelashes make an important contribution to facial symmetry and presentation of self to others.

    Hair Transplant Cost In Ludhiana, Punjab

    Hair Transplant Cost In Ludhiana, Punjab, It is a common belief that all medical procedures are expensive affairs, so is hair transplant. Most people do not think of undergoing a hair transplant to restore their hair only due to the belief that it is heavy on pockets.

    Keeping in mind all these factors will ensure that the results you will see are as per your desires. However, hair transplant in India is a lifetime investment for your crowning glory so the price tag attached to the procedure is justified. If a person chooses non-surgical treatment or a quick option like hair weaving to save money then for the short term it can be saved but in the long-term, its cost can be more than what is induced in the surgery. So, this surgical procedure is a one-time affair and you will get natural-looking hair growth.

    No. of Hair Follicles/Grafts Hair Transplant: Sittings Average Cost Of FUT & FUE Hair Transplant
    1000-1500 1 SITTING INR 30,000-60,000
    2000-3000 1 SITTING INR 60,000-145,000
    4000-3000 1 SITTING INR 120,000-220,000
    6000-8000 1-2 MEGA SESSION INR 200,000-350,000

    If you are considering cost before choosing a procedure then you must consider its long-term durable results and quality of treatment. When you visit Profile Forte then you can get non-invasive treatment with natural results and without any pain or discomfort but at a justified cost. We make sure that your investment in restoring your strands will prove to be your lifetime investment.

    For What You Have To Pay?

    The cost of hair transplant in India is not fixed; it varies individually. You can have a tailor-made hair transplant and you need to pay only for what you have received. Some factors counted while finalizing the cost of surgery:

    • Total number of grafts harvested and transplanted
    • Area to be treated during treatment
    • Presence of any allergy to the medication
    • Sessions required for surgery
    • Nature of transplant means normal or body hair transplant
    • Patient Expectations

    How Much Will It Cost You?

    Depending on the various factors, the cost of this procedure is calculated by multiplying the total number of grafts by the cost per graft. But, the cost can be different for every patient depending on the extent of baldness and need of the patient. The below table can give you the estimation of the cost of the surgery.

    Estimated Cost For Hair Transplant

    If you are planning to take a hair transplant in India, then you have to know the cost of single hair graft. It ranges from Rs. 25 to 30 per hair graft, however, the exact cost depends on the above-mentioned factors.

    Who performs Hair Transplant Surgery in Profile Forte Ludhiana?

    A hair transplant is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure, which is usually performed by a cosmetic surgeon. If you choose Profile Forte Ludhiana to get a hair transplant, then there is no need to take tension about the procedure.

    We have a team of experienced and well-qualified doctors, who have a great deal of knowledge about everything.

    Here at Profile Forte, we have a well-qualified doctor, Dr. Vikas Gupta. He was honored as “The Makeover Man” by Captain Amarinder Singh, Current Chief Minister Of Punjab, for his dedication, hard work, and success in this field. Dr. Vikas Gupta has a specialization to perform both FUT and FUE procedures. In addition, he performs all types of hair transplant along with skilled & trained medical staff. All the doctors have several years of experience treating hair loss conditions in both males and females.

    FUT & FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

    FUT Hair Transplant Surgery or Strip technique ensures providing natural and healthy follicular restoration on the bald area. Only healthy and hydrated grafts are chosen from the strip of hair and are individually implanted in the scalp on the bald area. The strip is usually extracted from the back and sides of your head. The dual sides are brought back together leaving a thin strip of 1 to 2 millimeters of scar which is hardly visible if you have long hair.

    On the other hand, the latest transplantation technique FUE doesn’t leave any linear visible scars, because the grafts are chosen individually. Therefore, scars are not seen in the donor area with naked eyes even right after the surgery and once the healing is done.

    Both FUT and FUE techniques aim at providing a natural look as hair grafts are implanted in the existing pattern of your hair growth.

    Hence any of the above techniques can be followed as per guided by our Surgeon after evaluation of your baldness.

    FUE Hair Transplant Procedure Cost in India: The key reason for our popularity is the implementation of safe and secured hair restoration techniques that assures our clients that they are in safe hands. We are the only cosmetic clinic where hybrid and laser treatment therapies are followed to provide the most protected regrowth with the efforts of our hard-working surgeons. Due to the following advanced techniques, our restoration cost is very competitive than other clinics. No blades or seizures are used to make cuts in your skin. Hence you undergo 100% safe treatment at Profile Forte.

    Another major advantage of reaching out to us in your hair problems treatment is the availability of advanced hair restoration techniques at our treatment centre. Our clinic is equipped with world-class treatment amenities that make your treatment session: Problem-free. Meanwhile, our well-trained team of cosmetic surgeons performs each treatment with utmost care and focus that you enjoy the treatment session. You can sleep or read books while the procedure is carried out. The treatment is pain-free and you will never know when the surgery is done & you are free to go back home. Schedule your Initial Consultation to determine, ‘How FUT and FUE Hair Transplant is performed, ‘How much is the treatment cost?’ and talk about any other concerns you have in your mind.

    • Pain-free treatment
    • Advanced surgical techniques such as laser/hybrid hair transplant
    • Very competitive surgery cost
    • Full amenities for patient’s convenience like bedding
    • Latest surgical equipment and diagnosis devices to assure the provision of high quality & safe restoration therapies
    Check Your Hair transplant Level

    FAQ About Hair Restoration

    Is it a painful treatment?

    No. This is a completely safe and painless treatment, as you are administered anesthesia during the procedure. If you are undergoing FUT treatment, then you may feel the pinch of the needle, because, in this treatment, the surgeon collects the strip of hair grafts. Whereas, in FUE hair transplantation, there is no need to be afraid, in this treatment single hair graft is collected to transplant on the bald area.

    How many hair grafts are harvested in two days without harming the quality?

    The harvesting of hair grafts only depends on the availability of hair grafts, but not on time. If you have proper hair growth, then there is no need to take tension about time or quality, in this case, hair grafts can easily be harvested from the donor area. Well, the collection of hair grafts just needs one session, if you choose Profile Forte.
    Many people ask us, ‘How many days are needed to perform the surgery?’ Well! In most cases, the hair grafts are transplanted in one single session. Dr. Vikas Gupta will talk you through the same during consultation.

    Is it okay to go for a hair transplant if I am suffering from alopecia areata?

    Yes, you can undergo hair transplantation, if you are suffering from diffuse alopecia areata. However, if you are suffering from confluent alopecia areata, then hair transplantation is not the best choice for you. Because it results in scarring at the recipient and donor area.

    What about exercising after getting a hair transplant?

    If you are thinking of exercising after getting a hair transplant, then you have to wait for some time. As it is not the right time to practice physical activities immediately. You may not be aware that if you practice a vigorous exercise regime, then this will lead you to sweat & irritation on the hair transplanted site. In these conditions, the patient usually starts pulling newly transplanted hair.

    How to recover faster after getting a hair transplant?

    For faster recovery, you have to follow all the post-operative care instructions of your surgeon. Dr. Vikas Gupta may suggest you:

    • Do not try to touch your scalp as well as newly transplanted hair.
    • You must apply ice packs on the forehead to reduce the risk of swelling and not on the transplanted area.
    • Avoid those physical activities which result in sweating and irritation.