The Process of FUT and FUE

The Process of FUT and FUE

Now that hair fall is increasing among men and women of any ages and the simple treatments at times prove no efficacy, hair transplant procedures may be an option for many looking towards hair restoration. There are mainly FUT and FUE that are used by surgeons. The best technique for a patent can be decided by a patient and a surgeon since some patients may not want the FUT due to the scar. A Hair Transplant in India is performed under local anesthesia that creates numbness and there is no pain produced.

Within the hair techniques, the selection of the right follicular units for transplantation may at times be hard because some develop under the skin while others may spread in the other nearby follicular units. This is where a surgeon will use a microscope to identify the follicles for harvesting and also that are fit for transplantation. In FUE, a needle-like instrument is used to harvest the follicles and these follicles may be implanted one by one or joined. Depending on the affected area of a patient, the individual hair follicles are fixed to make a good hairline while the joined hair follicles are used in the middle to create more density of the hair

In FUT (strip method), a scalpel-like blade is used to harvest the hair follicles that are dissected under a microscope in a laboratory. They are then implanted one by one in the incisions made in the recipient region. The hair follicles can be harvested from the back of the head or from the side as may be chosen by the surgeon.

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    Good information. FUE hair transplant in India is became first choice for patients and hair surgeons of India. Majority of Indian surgeons are ISHRS certified. FUE hair transplant is scarless method rather than FUT transplant. Here is a picture you can understand the FUE procedure.
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