Hybrid Hair Transplant

Hair transplant techniques are undergoing several advancements in the cut throat competitive time. We are introducing consistent and trusted hair restoration techniques that help in controlling hair fall and enable patients to get denser hair growth while replacing the bald scalp with natural hairs.

The smaller grafts are chosen for the frontal hairline and circumference of transplant. Hybrid hair transplant is also called as grafting and vairagrafting which result in hardly distinguishable from the natural hair line. Larger implanted hairs are also advantageous for people with curly or blonde hairs. It cuts down cost of treatment. But if you have straight hairs, this treatment can be a bad idea for dark hairs with fairy white skin. Implantation of larger grafts significantly reduces the transplantation cost because it is quite straightforward procedure and can be conducted without extreme work needed for several sessions of small grafts.

  • Natural looking hair transplants
  • Suitable size of hair grafts
  • Hybrid and laser hair transplantation techniques
  • Follicular unit transplantation
  • Hair strip transplantation
  • Complete hair treatment surgery just in one go


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