Hair Transplantation is one of the greatest achievements of the medical science. This method has contributed a lot in the field of hair restoration as it is claimed as the most successful method for getting hair back. This method has been introduced with the techniques of punch grafting and altered in many ways up to the advanced method FUE.

It is surgical procedure in which hair follicles are selected on the basis of their qualities and extracted generally from back head and then transplanted in the bald areas. Whole surgery is done under the local anesthesia that causes numbness of scalp so patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during surgery.

We are specialized in providing the complete solution for hair loss in both male and female. Our team of experienced surgeons is expert in handling even the extreme complicated cases of hair loss and providing optimized results. We have policy not to put all the balls in one bucket so we customized the treatment plan according to patient depending on his need and expectations.


FUE Hair Transplant

In this method, hair follicles are extracted in the natural grouping of hair grafts 1-4 from the donor area with the micro punches of having diameter less than 1mm. Then these are transplanted in the same grouping in the bald area. This procedure generally takes 4-5 hours to cover the bald portion depending on the severity of baldness.

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FUT Hair Transplant

It is the traditional method altered from the punch grafting method. In this method hair follicles are removed in the form of strip of specific length as per requirements from the permanent zone of the scalp. Strip is dissected to the individual grafts under the stereo microscope. Then dissected grafts are transplanted in bald portion. In this surgery there is need to suture the donor area.

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It is the complete solution for getting the natural and permanent hair. There are many benefits of their procedure beyond the permanent results.

Suitable for both men and women

Non- invasive

Complete curation for baldness

100% curation for baldness

100% safe and natural results

Transplanted hair can be cut, styled and dyed hair as the natural hair.


We have been providing curation for baldness for many years with more than thousand of successful surgeries. We are known for the optimized results with the highest quality at affordable prices. Patients feel safe in the hands of highly trained team of doctors.

Cost effective treatment

We provide the cost effective treatment to the patients without sacrificing the quality of treatment. Our customized cost packages provide the hair loss solution fit into the budget. Estimation for the cost is given to patient in the initial consultation so that transparent treatment can be offered.

Well trained and experienced surgeon

Our senior surgeon is having experience of many years. He is one of the pioneered of hair transplant surgery. His experience and extensive training give fruit to the patients with the scar free, painless and less invasive surgery.

Minimum damage of grafts

Dr.Vikas Gupta put his extravagant efforts and artistic skills while surgery so that extraction process can be done without damaging the tissue and grafts. As the retained quality of hair follicles ensure the longer time survival of grafts.

Minimum time gap between extraction and transplantation

Our team of experts that work under Dr.Vikas Gupta to optimize the results by making sure to minimum time gap between extraction and transplantation so that graft have to bear least trauma due to time spend out of body. For the time out of body grafts are kept in the nutrient enriched solution so that grafts may survive for longer time.

Hygienic and sterilized treatment

We make sure that patients before, during and after surgery can get the sterilized and hygienic treatment so we provide ultra Hygienic OT’s, rooms and sterilized equipments during surgery so that even there can be single room for the infection after or during surgery.

24/7 care system

We have strong total care system that works round a clock. before and after surgery patients can get the oral and written instructions given by the senior surgeon.


Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit Transplant (FUT) are same in the transplantation process basic difference between both methods is of harvesting of hair follicles. In FUE grafts are harvested one by one randomly from the shaved donor site of scalp whereas in FUT method one strip of hair bearing skin is removed from the donor site and then dissected into small grouping for transplantation of grafts.

FUE harvesting leaves the tiny holes whereas the removal of strip as in FUT method leaves the linear scar and even wound need to be sutured in case of FUT surgery.

Yes, surgical hair restoration can restore your hair in most effective way as in this anesthetic procedure patient’s own hair follicles are removed by picking up the best quality and loss resistant in hair follicles. In this procedure hair follicles are relocated from permanent or least hair loss affected area to the most hair loss affected area with the retained properties of them so that they can grow for lifetime with natural appearance.

Results remain feasible, safe and effective after surgery and even one can restore hair without bearing any pain, stitches and scars.

Hair transplant surgery leaves the minimum scars but the visibility and extant of scar depends on the method of hair transplant used for hair restoration and the artistic skills of the surgeon as with the experience and state of Art hair transplant specialist can minimize the scar. With the FUT method patient can have linear scar on the donor site but in FUE surgery patient experience only the pit scars resulted from tiny holes after extraction.

It is essential to choose the best hair surgeon for the treatment as experience and skills of surgeon can add to the results of surgery. To choose the best surgeon is not an easy task but one can keep following things in mind to take rational decision

  • Always check credentials of surgeon
  • Ask for at least 10 pairs of before and after results photos of hair transplant patients handled by him
  • Talk with past patients and check the consistency of past feasible after transplant surgery results
  • Ask for the experience of surgeon in performing hair transplant surgeries


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