We at profile hair transplant centre offer the effective hair restoration treatment with the remarkable results. Advanced FUE procedure can give fuller restoration of the hair after the even the severe baldness.

Follicular unit extraction procedure involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the permanent and fertile zone of scalp and cultivation of them in the bald parts.

Profile FUE procedure

If you are seeking for the FUE hair transplant in basis patina then Profile centre is your ideal destination. Dr. J.P.Walia FUE specialist offers the treatment with the state- of -art so that penitent can have least invasive surgery without cuts, stitches, and scars.

In the initial consultation, Dr. Walia does depth scalp analysis for the selection of loss resistant hair follicles. On the surgical day under local anaesthesia patient’s pre selected donor follicles are extracted with micro punches having diameter less than 1 mm.

Than harvested follicles are cultivated into the bald parts at correct angle distance and direction similar with the existing hair, so that patients can have natural appearances of hair.

Profile hair centre ensure the safe and effective treatment with international quality standards at the low FUE hair transplant cost in Bassi Patina.

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