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  • FUT basically strip method that can coverup larger area of bald scalp in single time and can show super results in few days.

    FUT Hair Transplant

    FUT Hair Transplant

  • FUE hair transplant natural hair rebuilding process on bald head and this technique leave no scar on scalp and always give accurate results for long time.

    FUE Hair Transplant

    FUE Hair Transplant

  • Beard hair transplant is technique of hair transplant in which density of beard are increasing.

    Beard Hair Transplant

    Beard Hair Transplant

  • Mustache hair transplant is procedure of surgery. Doctors remove hair from back of the head and implement them on upper lips.

    Mustache Hair Transplant

    Mustache Hair Transplant

  • Eyelash hair transplant is involved in cosmetic surgery. In this technique hair are remove from back of the head and implanted into the lash line.

    Eyelash Hair Transplant

    Eyelash Hair Transplant

  • Women are feeling embarrassed from their thin and little eyebrows. Get larger and thicker eyebrow by hair transplant surgery.

    Eyebrow Hair Transplant

    Eyebrow Hair Transplant

  • If men/women have no enough hair on their head so hair are taken from other part if body such as legs, chest, arms, etc for hair transplant treatment.

    Body Hair Transplant

    Body Hair Transplant

Dr. Vikas Gupta

Dr.Vikas Gupta completed Masters in Cometic Surgery and in North India he is running one the leading Hair Transplant Center with the name of Profile Hair Transplant Center which is placed near Rose Garden in Ludhiana,Punjab (India). We have done hair transplant of patients from Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Banglore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and international patients as well. Dr. Vikas Gupta follows both FUE and FUT techniques. It is up to patient whether to go for FUE or FUT. We have done hair transplant in India using both the techniques and our result is 100% in both techniques.

Profile Hair Implant is a devoted Cosmetic Surgery Centre which is located in Ludhiana and is about 300km far from Delhi.

We have one of the best team with the latest machines that will give you one of the best results. To give our patients excellent and stable results is our main motive.

It is necessary when people go for hair transplant they should look natural because it will enhance their confidence and they feel good about their looks. It is fact that without genetic vulnerability hair loss will not happen. Genetic loss factor and male hormone DHT is liable for hair loss.

Our aim is to provide best hair transplant surgery with high class results and we charge modest cost of hair transplant because we can understand a lot of people have financial issues to get their hair transplant treatment done.

FUT And FUE Hair Transplantation

FUT or Strip technique ensures providing natural and healthy hair follicles restoration on the bald area. Only healthy and hydrates grafts are chosen from the strip of hair that are individually implanted in scalp where you are suffering with scarcity of hairs. The hair strip is usually extracted from back and sides of your head. The dual sides are brought back together leaving a thin strip of 1 to 2 millimetre of scar which is hardly visible if you have long hair. But if hair length is very short than this scar line is completely visible.

On the other hand, latest transplantation technique FUE doesn't leave any linear visible scars, because the grafts are chosen individually therefore there are only tiny dots in the donor area that are invisible after the healing period.

Both FUT and FUE techniques assure providing the naturally looking and undistinguishable implanted hairs that grow like natural hairs in the same pattern.

Hence any of the above techniques can be followed as per guided by our physicians after evaluation of your baldness.

Hair Transplant Cost in India- The key reason of our popularity is the implementation of safe and secured hair restoration techniques that ensures our clients that they are in safe hands. We have been the only cosmetic clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab where hybrid and laser hair treatment therapies are followed to provide the most protected hair re-growth with the efforts of our hard working surgeons. Due to adaption of the advanced techniques, our hair transplant cost is very competitive than other clinics. No blades or seizures are used to make cuts in your skin. Hence you can experience 100% safe treatment that feels you like you are having a simple hair cut.

Another major advantage of engaging us for your hair problems treatment is our fully fledge treatment center. Our clinic is equipped with world class treatment amenities that make your treatment problem free. Meanwhile our well trained team of cosmetic surgeons performs each treatment with utmost care and focus that our patients fully enjoy the treatment session. Usually either they sleep or read books while the procedure is undergone. The treatment is fully pain free that you never know when the surgery is accomplished and you are free to go back home. Contact us to determine the FUT and FUE hair transplant cost or any other details.

  • Totally pain-free treatments
  • Advanced surgical techniques such as laser/hybrid hair therapies
  • Very competitive cost
  • Full amenities for patient's convenience like bedding
  • Latest surgical equipments and diagnosis devices to assure providing high quality and safe hair transplantation therapies

Baldness in Men And Women

Baldness in Men

There are several causes of hair loss in men among of which the major reason is hereditary hair loss that occurs by the action of dihydrotestosterone hormone on genetically sensitive scalp hair units. Normally the hair growth cycle includes birth of new hair follicles, development, growth and shedding. An average age of grown hair is two to six years. In a healthy man, the number of shed hairs is equal to number of grown hairs hence the hair loss remains negligible and doesn't leave any effect.

But due to various kinds of problems, hair follicles do not develop after shedding which results in hair loss in men. A man with bald scalp looks older than he is in real. It apparently affects his look and confidence level. Hair loss has considerable effect on the personal and professional life of men because it seriously reduces their confidence level in living happily. Low count of hairs in scalp makes them feel odd and unsuitable among others and they look themselves older than other males of same age. Keeping the hair loss always in mind also results in lowering their professional output that affects their performance in the workplace. Hence hair loss tends to be a phobia in men which is important to be cured.

Baldness in Women

An average hair grows by half inch per month and after two to six years, it sheds and a new hair takes it place. Under the effect of baldness, hair falls out but new hairs do not grow to cover the place of lost of hair. However the reason of baldness is not completely determined but the estimates reasons can be :

      1. Aging
      2. Change in androgen levels such as after menopause, scalp hairs in most women fall or become thin
      3. Female pattern baldness
      4. Various skin problems that cause scars on scalp after which fair follicles do not develop
      5. Hair plucking because of urge to pull hairs
      6. Some autoimmune disorders
      7. Problems in hormone level like extensive amount of testosterone or very small thyroid hormones
      8. Lack of iron
      9. Lack of vitamin B or deficiency of other vitamins
      10. Medical treatment, side effect of a specific medical course
      11. Sexually transmitted infection like Syphilis
      12. Hair loss after surgical treatment or pregnancy

Hair loss affects a life of woman more dramatically than a man; it severely lowers their confidence to face others. A woman with bald scalp cannot love herself anymore, it seriously impacts her personal as well as professional life and she takes it a like a stroke on her image. So if you notice an abnormal hair fall, find out its treatment.

Hair Transplant Video

This video shows how a person is able to achieve natural-looking hair line with baldness patches treated entirely!

I just can't believe that I look so young and motivated now! This hair transplant technique is simply amazing.



Dr. Vikas is a real makeover man, he added wonders in my look. I look like 10 years old now.


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